Community Education

Community Education Programs are primarily delivered by the Fire Prevention Division. These programs are developed based on community needs, analysis of trend behaviors, and established programs that positively impact the community. Fire and life safety enhancement is the primary objective of each program. The following are programs administered and delivered by the Fire Prevention Division.   For more information or to schedule a service please contact Springdale Fire Department Administration at 479-751-4510 M-F 8a-5pm.  You can also email inquiries and requests to:

Free Smoke Detectors and Installation

The Springdale Fire Department provides homeowners with complimentary smoke detectors and batteries for detectors.  If needed will come to your home and install them free of charge. 

Voluntary Home Fire and Safety Inspections

In conjunction with our smoke detector installation programs, The Springdale Fire Department also provides free voluntary home inspections for fire and life safety hazards.

Senior Citizen Education

Springdale Fire Department provides specialized education to senior citizens and groups of senior citizens for fire prevention, cooking safety, and home safety to prevent slips, trips and falls.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Springdale Fire Department provides fire extinguisher training to businesses and non profits.  The Department also has training utilizing its new digital extinguisher training prop.

Public Events and Job Fairs

Springdale Fire Department can provide equipment, personnel and public education for various public events.  They also provide career guidance for career fairs for all ages.  Events are scheduled on an as available basis and personnel may be unavailable.

Fire Prevention Week and Win-A-Ride Programs

SFD provides fire prevention training to all elementary schools in Springdale school districts as well as Kindergarten programs.  The Department provides rides to school in the fire truck during October Fire Prevention Week activities.  Students are chosen by each school.

Junior Fire Marshal

Springdale Fire can assist with setting up Junior Fire Marshal programs in your school.

Youth Fire Intervention Task Force

Springdale Fire Department teams up with other Washington County departments to reduce the devastating effects of fires caused by at-risk youth.  Curiosity about fire can lead to life-long tragedies and the task force is designed to prevent these tragedies through education and analysis.