Bulky Waste Program


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The Public Works Department's Bulky Waste Pick Up Program is part of a continuing effort to improve the quality of life for all Springdale residents. Less garbage sitting around will provide a safer place for all residents to work and play and keep the city looking its best.

Bulky Waste Ordinances

Ordinance 102.1

Bulky waste items include:
  • Construction Materials Limited to 1 Cubic Yard or Less
  • Furniture
  • Tree Cuttings (Must Be No More Than 5 Feet. In Length)
  • White Goods
White Goods include appliances such as:
  • Dryers
  • Refrigerators (items such as refrigerators, window air conditioners, automobile air conditioners, freezers, water coolers, ice makers, and dehumidifiers must be tagged that the Freon has been removed by a professional).
  • Stoves

  • Washing Machines

  • Water Heaters
Tree trimmings, large branches, wood or limbs resulting from the pruning or removal of trees by tree service companies or individuals engaged in such service for hire is not defined as bulky waste. The removal of such items is the responsibility of the owner, occupant, tenant or lessee of the property.

Ordinance 102.6 (B)

Households with more than sixteen cubic yards of bulky waste may inquire about the Public Works Deparment's paid bulky waste service. The cost for this service is $18.75 per cubic yard and there is a minimum eight cubic yard charge of $150. An approval form signed by the property owner, occupant, tenant or lessee is required for removal of excess bulky waste.
Diagram of bulky waste