Drainage Improvement Committee

The mission of the Drainage Improvement Committee is to promote cooperation and coordination within the various city departments that control the planning, design, construction, and regulation of the many components that comprise the stormwater drainage system of the city.

The Committee is composed of representatives from the Planning Department, Police Department, Engineering Department, Community Engagement, and Street Department.

The Committee meets monthly to discuss the various aspects of the city's stormwater drainage system including, but not limited to:

  • Reduction of localized flooding
  • Drainage system construction and repair projects
  • Safety considerations
  • Promotion of erosion control
  • Any other areas as needed
The Committee works with the public and City departments to make note of problem areas and to promote input from outside sources.

The Drainage Improvement Committee will make recommendations and suggestions concerning its findings to the Mayor, the City Council Street & CIP Committee, or any other involved organization.

Have a drainage concern?

To present your concern to the committee, please contact Denise Wax or call 750-8135 to be put on the agenda.

Please submit your discussion request by 4 p.m. on the Monday before the Wednesday meeting to ensure it is added to the agenda.