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Adopt-a-trailAdopt-a-Trail Program

Program participants are asked to work a minimum of three times per year. The first work session should occur within six months of adopting, followed by two additional work dates before the year's end. If the adopting group does not work at least once within the first six month period, the City has the option to cancel the agreement.

Signage with your organization name will be installed at or near the trail segment that your group has adopted. The sign will be installed after requirements have been met for one full year and a commitment to continue has been made.

Additional Information

For more information contact Trails Coordinator Steve Hatfield, or visit the Planning Department page.

Trail Ambassador Program

Trail ambassadors volunteer to help monitor the trails, pedestrian ways and bike-way and/or provide outreach to the community. Ambassadors generally choose to serve as one or more of the following types: Maintenance Ambassadors, Program Ambassadors, or Outreach Ambassadors.

Additional Information

For more information contact Trails Coordinator Steve Hatfieldor visit the Planning Department page

Housing Services Volunteer Program

Volunteers help to provide minor housing rehabilitation, demolition and/or landscaping work for low-income home owners in our housing rehabilitation program. Volunteers will help with projects such as:
  • Construction of Wheelchair Ramps
  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Landings and Decks
  • Landscaping
  • Property Cleanup

Additional Information

For more information contact Don Hancock, Community Development or visit the Volunteer Opportunities for the Community Development page.