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Youth Baseball Recreational Leagues are offered for kids between the ages of 3-16. From Blast-ball through Babe Ruth Majors, our recreational leagues accommodate players of all skill levels.

*Registration links available when registration is open

* Participants will receive a team jersey and hat. Pants, socks and belts will be provided for Machine and Kid Pitch during the Spring Session only.

* There will be a 6-7 week round robin style playing season that includes a season ending tournament (No Tournament for Blast Ball or T-Ball). Practice will be scheduled to start two weeks prior to opening of the regular season.


Baseball Program Coordinator

Keith Deshazo

(479) 750-8185



Links will be listed when registration is open (1st Monday in February). 

Registration Details

You can register in person at 600 Ash Street Springdale, 72764 or online. In person registration at 600 Ash Street will be taken through Feb. 15th. Please check website for further updates on in person registration dates.

Spring registration for youth baseball is open in February. 

Registration Fees

Blast Ball (3-4): $25

T-Ball (5-6): $35

8U Machine Pitch Baseball (7-8 : (Spring) $70 (Fall) $50

10U Baseball (9-10) and 12U (11-12): (Spring) $85 (Fall) $60

13-15 Baseball: (Spring) $100 (Fall) $75

Discounts & Scholarships

Scholarships may be available through Pagnozzi Charities but require 50% of registration to be paid 2 weeks prior to the end of registration. Contact Pagnozzi Charities for details.

Pagnozzi Charities Application Here

**Please put in the comment section if you would like to be a coach

Spring Baseball Important Dates

Early Bird Registration (10% off): 1st Monday in February (Feb. 4th, 2019)

Regular Registration Start Date: 2nd Monday in February (Feb. 11th, 2019)

Registration Ends: 1st Monday in March at 5 p.m. (March 4th, 2019)

Season Start Date: 2nd Monday in April (April 8th, 2019)

Fall Baseball Important Dates

Early Bird Registration (10% off): 3rd Monday in June (June 17th, 2019)

Regular Registration Start Date: 1st Monday in July (July 1st, 2019)

Registration Ends: 4th Monday before Labor Day at 5 p.m. (August 5th, 2019)

Season Start Date: 2nd Monday in September (September 9th, 2019)

Team Placement:

Showcase and Coaches Draft (Except for Blast Ball and T-Ball)

Players in their last year of their current age group may try out to play up one group, if desired. If not selected in the first 6 rounds of the team draft, they will return to the appropriate age group. Please e-mail program coordinator if your athlete would like to try and play up in the next age group.

Age Determination:

Spring - Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth (Age Chart)


BASE LENGTH40606060709090
MOUND DISTANCEN/A46'43'46'50'60.5'60.5'
WEEKNIGHT GAME TIMESTBD6:00 PM6:00/7:30 PM6:00/7:45 PM6:00/7:45 PM

Refund Policy

Full Refunds will be given for any reason prior to children being assigned to a team for any league.  

Refund Process

  • After participants have been assigned to a team, a 75% refund will be issued for any reason.  
  • After practices have started, a 50% refund will be issued for any reason.  
  • After games have started, refunds will not be issued.  If the Department cancels the program, full refunds will be issued.

Medical Condition

 A documented medical condition or documented life-event change may constitute for a full refund.  Requests for refunds with these circumstances must be reviewed by the Athletic Director for approval.

All-Star eligible programs players must provide birth certificate and be enrolled in a Springdale School District school or live within the city limits of Springdale. Players from Fayetteville may also be eligible if Fayetteville remains unchartered by Babe Ruth.

Discounts & Scholarships 

Scholarships may be available through Pagnozzi Charities, but require 50% of registration to be paid 2 weeks prior to the end of the registration. Contact Pagnozzi Charities for questions (479) 433-2550.

Pagnozzi Charities Application Here

Rules and Forms



* Bat entire lineup each half inning

* Defense consists of all players evenly spread out in an ark shape between 1B and 3B

* Infielders should throw the ball back to pitcher after ball is picked up

* Focus on keeping players in their designated position

* Emphasis on fielding and throwing technique

* Once the ball is hit, the batter should run to first and return back to the dugout areas


* Foul line will be placed between foul lines 15' from the back of the plate.

* Any ball batted in this area is considered foul.

* Three coaches are allowed on the field during play. On offense, 1B and 3B coaches, and behind the plate. On defense, 3 coaches are allowed on the field.

* Bat entire lineup each half inning.

* Defense consists of 6 infield positions and remaining players in the outfield.

* All outfielders must be in the grass until the ball is hit.

* Infielders must play out of the base paths. This does not include the pitcher and catcher.

* Catcher will be in a safe area behind batter until ball is in play.

* Pitcher will be inside the 10 ft. circle around the pitcher's mound.

* All players will rotate defensive positioning each inning.

* All players should play infield at least once during the game.

* Time will be called when the ball reaches the pitcher's circle or there is no play occurring with possession of the ball.

* No bunts are allowed.

* No infield fly rule.

* The batter is allowed 5 swings to put the ball into play. A foul ball on the last swing will necessitate additional swings.

* Coaches have the option of pitching for the first 3 swings. If a player does not hit the ball after 3 attempts a tee will be used for the last 2.

* Please have Asst. Coach backing up the catcher (pace of play).

* No player shall throw a bat (slinging a bat).

* A runner may advance one base per overthrow. If ball goes out of play then a ground rule double will be issued.

* Line-up must be given to opposing coaches before the start of each game.

Baseball 8U Rules

Baseball 10U Rules

Baseball 12U Rules

2019 Spring Baseball - Age Chart