Youth Council

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The Springdale Youth Council was established to encourage young people to become engaged with their local government, receive mentoring from City officials, perform community service for the benefit of Springdale residents, advise local government officials on the issues that face young people in our community, and learn about local government and the importance of civic participation.

Benefits of participating in Youth Council:

Through Youth Council, students will:

  • Learn more about local government and our community
  • Connect with their City and elected officials and advise local leaders on issues that matter to young people
  • Serve the community and become a more conscientious resident
  • Learn who to contact if they need assistance with a City service
  • Understand how tax dollars are utilized to provide services for residents
  • Learn the connection between public and private organizations

Most importantly, Youth Council members will play an active role in helping the City address issues that affect young people in our community. This program prepares young people to become community and civic leaders and gives them the confidence to know they can make a difference.

Youth Council will be comprised of up to 18 students in grades 10-12 who reside in the Springdale School District.This includes students in public or private school, and homeschooled students.


If you have any questions about this program, please email or call the Mayor's Office at 750-8114.

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