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Adopting an Animal

CharleyThanks for looking into adopting an animal from Springdale Animal Services! Our facility is brimming with friendly pets that would love to meet you. Each animal that comes through our doors is vaccinated, dewormed, and treated with flea/tick preventative. If they are found by Animal Control or a Good Samaritan, they are held for five days to give their families a chance to find them. If they are not reclaimed in that time, they are made available for adoption if they are temperamentally sound and healthy overall.

Our adoption process is simple. We ask that you fill out an application (available HERE). If the application looks good, we ask that you bring any children or canine members of the family to the shelter to meet the new addition. Your new friend is then sent to a Springdale veterinarian of your choice for spay/neuter. After surgery, your new pet can come home!

PLEASE NOTE: If your pet is under 3 months old, we will send him/her home with vouchers to have the surgery performed when it is a little older. 

Our adoption fee is $40 plus the cost of the spay/neuter surgery.  Please check out our Facebook page for any current adoption specials!

Our pets can be seen in person at the shelter or online below.

Stay up to date with animals available for adoption by following us on Facebook.

Our application can be printed from the link at the bottom of this page, and faxed to (479)750-8508. If you choose to fax your application, please call us to verify it has been received. 

If the animal is not yet available for adoption, you may complete an application to be placed in animals file. The applicant is responsible to check back on the available date. While, individuals with applications on file will have preference, should no applicant be present at the shelter on the available date, new applications will be accepted. The animal will be placed with first best applicant. 

SPAY / NEUTER POLICY: Each animal over three months of age must be spayed or neutered before being released by the shelter. At the time of adoption, we will need to collect the fee from you for the spay / neuter. We will then make the appointment with the requested veterinarian, transport the animal to their clinic. You will pick up your animal after the surgery has been performed. Any additional exam fees, medications, etc. will be your responsibility. For animals under the age of three months, we will still collect the fees but the surgery will be scheduled to take place once they reach three months of age. 

Basic canine vaccinations include combination vaccination of either DA2PPv or Recombitek C4 (depending on age) and Bordatella Intranasal vaccination for kennel cough. Felines receive a FVR-CP combination vaccination. De-wormer used will be Strongid-T. Please visit your veterinarian for boosters and any additional de-worming treatment needed. We also recommend taking the dog to a veterinarian for a wellness check-up within 72 hours. Exchanges are only allowed for medical reasons as specified by the veterinarian. 

 **Springdale Animal Services would like to remind you that all dogs and cats are required to have current rabies vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian, and effective May 13, 2010, must be microchipped and registered with the City as well.** 

 The adoption fee is $40.00 and includes a microchip implant, voucher for a Rabies vaccination from a veterinarian, basic vaccinations and deworming.