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Animal Control

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If you have a life-threatening situation involving both humans and animals, please call the Springdale Police Department at 911.


CALL (479)751-4542 

Springdale Animal Control is responsible for enforcing the municipal ordinances and state laws involving animals within the City of Springdale.  When calling to report an incident, please have as much information as possible including description of animal and owner, address of owner, and/or license plate of owner.  Our officers respond to calls and complaints regarding: Enforcement of laws and ordinances relating to animals.

Laws and ordinances enforced by Springdale Animal Control may be found in the Ordinances section. Vicious or Potentially Dangerous animals

If you or your pet have been victims of aggressive behavior displayed by another animal, call us immediately at (479) 751-4542.  If you have a life-threatening situation involving both humans and animals, call 911.

Reports of dangerous or menacing animals:

These reports will be investigated by our officers.  Statements from the victim, owner and any witnesses will be taken.  Proof of rabies vaccination may be required.  The animal may be quarantined and/or impounded.    Citations and/or criminal charges may result. Injured or dead animals (including wildlife)

Injured or dead animals can be picked up by our staff:

Dead wildlife under 15 pounds can be double-bagged and placed in your garbage can.  Deceased pets with known owners are the responsibility of the owner.  Private cremation services are offered by many area veterinarians.  Springdale Animal Services offers cremation services of privately owned animals for a fee of $35.  Please call (479)750-8166 for details. Animal welfare:  Inhumane Treatment and Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty :

Including abandonment of a pet, physical abuse, failure to provide food, water, shelter or veterinary care, fighting of animals, putting animals in a situation that causes distress (i.e. a hot car) or keeping an animal in unsanitary conditions.  If you are concerned for the welfare of an animal, contact us immediately at (479)751-4542.

Officers will investigate the situation.  Depending on the nature of the case, officers may impound the animal or give the owner a time period to come into compliance.  Citations and/or criminal charges may result. Stray and abandoned pets

Animals running at large or roaming off their property ,or animals that are abandoned:

Please contact the agency that has jurisdiction over the area where the animal was found.  This gives the animal the best chance to be reunited with its owner.  While the leash law does not apply to cats, and we cannot respond to calls of roaming cats, we offer the use of Humane Live Traps with a $20 refundable deposit, for trapping feral and nuisance cats and wildlife.  in the interest of everyone's safety, Animal Control will only pick up trapped animals from a City issued trap.  Please refer to the Free Roaming Cat ordinance for details on handling nuisance cats.

If you capture a stray or abandoned animal after shelter hours and outside of Animal Controls scheduled shift, you may be asked to hold on to the animal until the shelter opens for business or Animal Control is back on duty.  We appreciate our community's interest in helping its animals in need.  While we strive to offer the best service and broadest hours of availability possible, we simply cannot offer all services 24/7.  We have three Animal Control Officers, covering nearly 50 square miles, and serving the needs of a city of over 70,000 residents.  ACO's are On-Call after hours for priority calls only.  Any questions or concerns related to Animal Control response should be directed to the Director of Springdale Animal Services at (479)750-8166. Surrendering a pet

We do not pick up owned animals for surrender:

Please exhaust all options before choosing to surrender your pet to the shelter.  Do not wait until the last minute.  We receive up to 8 requests a day for owner surrenders.  Please call the shelter at (479)750-8166, if you live within the city limits of Springdale, as you must make an appointment to bring your pet to the shelter to be surrendered. Licensing dogs and cats

Annual licensing has been discontinued:

However, all dogs and cats residing or found running at large in the City of Springdale are required to have a microchip and that information registered with Animal Services (registration is FREE).  You may obtain your microchip from any source you choose.  The Animal Shelter offers periodic low-cost microchipping clinics ($20).  Pet licensing is not required.

Barking dogs:

Dogs and animals that consistently, repeatedly, or persitently, without provocation by the complainant create a sound which unreasonably disturbs or interferes with the peace, comfort, or repose of persons of reasonable sensibilities can be reported to the Animal Control.

Animal-related response:

Our Animal Control Officers work seven days a week to ensure human and animal safety within our city.  Animal Control's office operates out of the animal shelter, but is dispatched through Springdale Police Dispatch.  For immediate service and response to calls, please call Dispatch at (479)751-4542.  For general questions, please call the shelter at (479)750-8166 and speak with a shelter staff member, or leave a message for an Animal Control Officer to return your call.