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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are questions, which are frequently asked of the Office of City Clerk. 

  • What are the hours of the City Clerk’s office?

                  The City Clerk’s office is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday.

  • Where is the City Clerk’s office located?

                  The City Clerk’s office is on the 2nd floor of City Hall located at
                   201 Spring St,  Springdale,  AR 72764.

  • Where can I get a No Soliciting Sign/Sticker?

                   No Soliciting Stickers and Signs are available in the  City Clerk’s  office. 
                   The cost for a sign is $5. The No Soliciting Stickers are free.
                   To request a No Soliciting/ No Peddling Sticker to be mailed to you call the
                   City Clerk's office at (479) 750-8518.

  • Do I need a permit to Solicit Door to Door inSpringdale?

                  Starting July 1st, 2012, anyone wishing to solicit in the City ofSpringdale 
                  must obtain a Principal Soliciting Permit along with an Individual Soliciting
                  Permit from the City Clerk’s office. The cost of the permit will be $ 40 for the
                  Principal Permit and $5.00 for each Individual Permit.

  • How do I get a Business License?

           Applications can be found online at the City Clerk's website
           or picked up at the following location: 2nd floor City Hall
                          City Clerk’s Office
                             201 Spring St.
                        Springdale, AR 72764

  • How much are Business Licenses?

                  The cost of a business license is $ 40.00 per year plus $2.50 for each of the    
                  first  25 employees, excluding the owner, and an additional $1.00 per year for
                  each employee over 25. There is a maximum fee of $300.00 per year. 
                  After July 1st, the license fees are prorated for the rest of the year. 

  • Where do I get a Garage Sale Permit?

                  A permit is required for all residential garage / yard sales on premises
                  zoned or used for residential purposes and may be obtained at the following
                               Building Department
                                  107 Spring Street
                               Springdale, Arkansas 
                                    (479) 750-8154

  • I have a warehouse in a commercial location. Do I need a business license?

                   Yes, a Commercial Business License is required for the warehouse. 
                   Applications can be found on this website  or picked up at the following 
                   location:  2nd floor City Hall
                                  City Clerk’s Office
                                     201 Spring St.
                               Springdale, AR 72764

  • Where do I pay my court fines?

                    Fines can be paid in the District Court’s office located on the 1st floor in       
                    City Hall at 201 Spring St.

  • Where do I file a small claim?

                    Small claims cases are filed in the District Court located on the 1st floor of  
                    City Hall at 201 Spring St. Ask for Sue Bowman or Sherri Curry.

  • How much is my ticket or fine?

                     For information regarding payment of tickets and fines contact District Court
                     at (479) 750-8150. 

  • How do I obtain a marriage license?

                     Marriage licenses are issued at the Washington County Clerk’s office located
                     at Washington County Courthouse, 280 N. College, Suite 300, Fayetteville. 
                     Their phone number is (479) 444-1711.

  • How do I register as a landlord?

                      You can register at the City Clerk’s office. Registration forms are also 
                      available on our Forms and Documents page.

  • How do I obtain a birth / death certificate?

                       Birth and death records can be requested from the following location:
                              Arkansas Department of Health  
                                    Division of Vital Records 
                                4815 West Markham, Slot 44 
                                 Little Rock, Arkansas 72205.

                        Their phone number is (800)-637-9314.