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City Clerk / Treasurer

Goal of the City Clerk/Treasurer’s Office:

To manage the financial affairs of the City general government operations in accordance with all legal requirements in the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct; to provide the highest quality customer service to the citizens of the City of Springdale in the most cost effective, timely and convenient manner possible.

Welcome to the City Clerk/Treasurer’s website.  The City Clerk/Treasurer is the official custodian of records for the City of Springdale. City Council meeting minutes, Ordinances and Resolutions adopted by City Council are a few of the permanent records kept in the City Clerk’s Office.  This office serves as an information center for the general public, the media, and other government entities. The office is called upon daily for some service or information from the public as well as City Departments. I also serve as the City Treasurer and am responsible for overseeing all financial records of the City. The City Clerk/Treasurer’s office provides financial support to the entire city. The responsibilities of this office include: budget development and monitoring; revenue receipts processing and monitoring; issuance of business licenses; alcoholic beverage tax and fee billing, collection, and monitoring; hotel/motel tax collection and monitoring; property and equipment risk management and loss control; banking relations; investments of funds on hand; accounts payable processing; payroll processing; and financial accounting and reporting.

The City Clerk also serves as ex-officio secretary and a voting member of the Firemen’s Pension & Relief Fund Board of Trustees and Treasurer and a voting member of the Policemen’s Pension and Relief Fund Board of Trustees.  I attend the meetings and prepare the agendas, minutes and appropriate correspondence for the Board Members.  

Some of the other responsibilities of the City Clerk/Treasurer’s Office are:

  • Coordination of City elections with the Election Commission
  • Attends all City Council meetings; records and transcribes minutes of each meeting
  • Signs and countersigns ordinances, resolutions and other official documents
  • Codification of City Ordinances adopted by the City of Springdale
  • Issuance of Bluff Cemetery Deeds
  • Filing and maintaining Statements of Financial Interest for City Officials
  • Records and publishes City Ordinances as required by Arkansas State Statute; ensuring compliance with those and other laws
  • Accepts and certifies petitions of candidates for City of Springdale Municipal Offices, referendum and initiative petitions; verifies petitions and signatures on petitions
  • Provides No Soliciting/No Peddling stickers and yard signs for residents of the City of Springdale

The City’s accounting and financial reporting systems are maintained in conformance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and the standards set by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) and the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA). An independent public accounting firm performs an annual audit of the City’s financial statements. The City’s audited financial statements can be found elsewhere on this website.

The City Clerk/Treasurer’s Office includes six full-time staff members.

  • Finance Director – Oversees the budget, general ledger, accounting and financial reporting for the City of Springdale
  • Payroll Accountant – Administers payroll for over 450 employees, files payroll withholding reports, and other quarterly and annual reports as directed by law
  • Staff Accountant – Assists Finance Director with accounting and financial reports and daily accounting duties
  • Accounts Payable Clerk – Responsible for weekly accounts payable processing for all City Departments
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk – Responsible for business license and accounts receivable processing for the City of Springdale (Airport hangar rent, false alarm payments, etc)
  • Account Clerk/Receptionist – Attends counter and other duties as directed

Licenses and Permits issued by the City Clerk’s Office are:

         - Business Licenses                                - Carnival/Circus Permit

        - Temporary Open Air Permits           - Beer and Liquor Permits

        - Private Trash Collector Permits    - Solicitor/Peddler Permits

        - Firework Permits                                  - Block Party Permits

        Taxicab Permits                                     Landlord Registration for Residential Property