District Court

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Probation Officer


 Jerry Tedford

  • Enforce orders of the Court
  • Ensure fines and costs are paid at the specified time ordered by the court
  • Enforce orders for community service
  • Meets persons every Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. who have been Convicted of criminal offenses to set up terms of jail time or house arrest
  • Meets persons every Friday between 1:30-3:30 p.m. to discuss possible community service, extension on Time pay or lower payment on time pay

Services Provided:

 Alcohol/Drug Education

The Springdale District Court Probation Office works with agencies that provide alcohol and drug education classes to ensure alcohol and drug offenders complete the programs defendants ordered by the court to attend.

 Domestic Violence Education

The Springdale District Court Probation Office monitors those defendants ordered to attend Domestic Violence Prevention Classes and Life Skills/Anger Management Classes to ensure theses offenders complete the programs ordered by the Court.

 House Arrest

The Springdale District Court Probation Office works with court approved agency that monitors persons sentenced to jail time by completing the jail time sentence at home and to ensure completion ordered by the court.

 Defensive Driving Education

Springdale District Court Probation Officer provides information for defensive driving classes and ensure the persons complete the program ordered by the court.