mySidewalk Reports

We've teamed up with the folks at mySidewalk to create reports with data-driven visuals of what is happening in our City!  

What is mySidewalk?

mySidewalk is for real when they say that they use "data science for public service."  Using mySidewalk, we can utilize the full strength of U.S. Census data, allowing for us to create data-driven reports with which to advise our City's leadership. We aren't the only ones using mySidewalk, as the City of Springdale Fire Department uses mySidewalk to display such things as Monthly Department Statistics!

What can mySidewalk do?

Any number of things! However, as we get started producing these reports, we will be aiming to focus on demographics and housing.  As we move forward, we will be able to utilize data sets provided to us by the Springdale School District, City Clerks Office, Building Department and more.

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Report Name Link to Report Date Published
Population & Demographics Overview
-By Quadrants of the City of Springdale, AR July 28, 2020
Housing Overview
-Northwest Quadrant of Springdale, AR July 30, 2020
COVID-19 Impact on Springdale, AR Unemployment November 24, 2020
Population & Demographics: 
-Optional Form-Based Code Overlay Districts November 24, 2020
Housing Statistics:
-Optional Form-Based Code Overlay Districts November 24, 2020