Annexation of Bethel Heights FAQ

On Tuesday, August 11, 2020, the voters of Springdale, AR and Bethel Heights, AR voted in favor of the City of Springdale annexing the City of Bethel Heights. As of close of business on Friday, August 21, 2020, the City of Bethel Heights is officially dissolved and becomes a part of the City of Springdale.

Questions Answers
Springdale is annexing Bethel Heights? What does this mean? Yes, this means that as of the close of business on Friday August 21, 2020, the City of Bethel Heights will no longer exist and will become a part of the City of Springdale.
I have property in Bethel Heights. When it becomes a part of the City of Springdale it will be "legal non-conforming". What does this mean? You will not be penalized for your land once being a part of Bethel Heights and not meeting the zoning district code for the City of Springdale. However, if you should choose to attempt to change the use of your property, you will be required to apply for a rezoning of your property.
I would like to know more about how the Planning Department plans to zone the area formerly known as Bethel Heights. Will there be a meeting about this topic? Yes, stay tuned to this page, as well as our Social Media pages (Twitter & Instagram) as we are currently working to set up a date and time for public input on this matter.
What are the current zoning districts found in the City of Springdale? Click here to find the current zoning districts for the City of Springdale.
Where do I find the rules and regulations for these zoning districts? Click here to access the City of Springdale Code of Ordinances.
I have a proposal that I would like to take before the Springdale Planning Commission. When does the Planning Commission meet? The Springdale Planning Commission meets every first Tuesday of the month. For a listing of the meeting dates and deadlines, click here.
I have a business in Bethel Heights. What will I do to obtain a business license now? You will need to contact the City of Springdale's City Clerk's Office at (479) 750-8119 or visit their website here.