Volunteering & Fostering

Did you know that there a number of ways that YOU can help the Springdale Animal Shelter besides adopting a pet?


Fostering truly saves lives! Often, our shelter receives animals that need a little bit of extra help before they are ready to find their new families. These animals may have medical issues, behavioral issues, are moms with litters of kittens/puppies, and young animals that need to be bottle fed. If you have some spare room in your home and would be interested in temporarily housing a critter or two, please give us a call! We will set you up with our foster coordinator who can go over our policies and help you find a good match. The shelter remains responsible for the animal's medical needs and can sometimes help with food. We need you to provide them with love and guidance to help them become their best self before finding a forever family.

Fill out the Animal Foster Volunteer Agreement to start the process.


We have a plethora of volunteer opportunities available if fostering isn't your forte. Our animals love for people to come visit and spend some extra time with them. Socializing with our cats, walking dogs, and taking photos are much appreciated and fun tasks that anyone can help with. Do you like to write? Helping with our Petfinder/Adoptapet/social media pages might be right up your alley! The better bios our animals have, the better chance they have of catching the eye of the right family. We also need help to facilitate adoptions at Petsmart in Pinnacle Hills. Our cats stay there for two week rotations in hopes of being adopted and our volunteers help make that happen. We also go to a number of offsite adoption events that we can always use extra hands to help with. The more people we have, the more animals that get to have a nice day out!

Fill out the Volunteer Application to start the process.


Do you have a busy schedule and want to help but don't have the extra time? Consider a donation to the Springdale Animal Shelter Foundation or swing supplies by! We can always use blankets, towels, dry dog and cat food, wet dog food, wet cat food (pate variety), milk replacer, heating pads, crates, pet taxis, and more. Please call the shelter for more information.


Do you struggle to find time in your day and have had to tighten your purse strings but still want to help? We would love for you to help us by sharing our posts! The more exposure our animals can get, the better chance they have of being adopted! Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram and shared any adoptable cuties that catch your eye. It just takes the right person to see one of our critters to fall in love!