Garage Sales

Garage / yard / rummage sales are regulated by Zoning Ordinance Article 6, Sec. 2.14 of the Springdale City Ordinance.

Note: Garage / yard / rummage sales conducted on school property by organizations affiliated with the school are exempt from these permit requirements.

Permit Limitation

Permit for yard sales, rummage sales and garage sales shall be valid for not more than two (2) consecutive days and not be granted for the same location more than two (2) times during any calendar year.

Sign Display

Do not post garage sale signs on street or stop signs, telephone, light or cable-TV poles. It is a violation of State Law to post any signs on utility poles. Garage sale signs shall not be placed any closer than 10 feet to the street. All signs shall be erected no more than two (2) days prior to the first day of sale. All yard sale signs must be removed by the beginning of the first business day following the last day of the sale. Violations of any of these ordinances shall result in the signs being removed and disposed of immediately and may result in a citation being issued.

Permit Price

The cost per permit is $10.


Questions regarding garage/yard sales, please contact our office at 479-750-8154.