Specialized Units

Several specialty units are available to support the Patrol Division should their services be needed.


The K-9 Division has multiple K-9's and is primarily used for narcotics interdiction.  The K-9's also are available to assist other divisions as needed.


K-9 's assist in many different situations like:
  • Building Searches
  • Evidence Recovery
  • Handler/Officer Protection
  • Lost Persons
  • Narcotics
  • Suspect Tracks
The K-9's are nationally certified in the detection of illegal drugs. They are also certified in obedience and handler protection.

Additional Information

If you have any questions about the K-9 program you may contact Sergeant Robert Sanchez at 479-756-8200.

Drug Recognition Expert

The Drug Recognition Expert program provides support for officers dealing with individuals impaired by drugs and alcohol. These officers are trained to evaluate and make preliminary determinations of the type of impairment exhibited by subjects.

Traffic Safety Officers

Civilian Traffic Safety Officers work accidents that occur on private property and non injury accidents that occur on the roadway. They help keep patrol officers available to respond to higher priority calls.