Complaint Procedure

It is the policy of the Springdale Police Department to investigate all allegations and complaints of misconduct against any member of the department. Proper adherence to the provisions of this policy will clear the innocent and facilitate prompt and equitable corrective disciplinary action.


To make a complaint against a Springdale Police Department employee, notification should be made to a department supervisor by coming in person to the Police Department, by writing, or by telephone.

Complaints may be anonymous. Any complaint received by a member of the Police Department is directed to supervisory personnel immediately.

Employee Complaints

Complaints received concerning employees will be assigned to the employee's supervisor or division commander in the following instances, except those involving criminal activity:
  • Complaints of Demeanor
  • Complaints of Harassment
  • Violations of Lesser Rules and Regulations

Internal Affairs Investigator

An Internal Affairs Investigator will be responsible for investigation of the following:
  • Complaints Involving Command Personnel
  • Complaints Involving Criminal Activity
  • Complaints of Sexual Harassment
  • Excessive Use of Force Complaints
  • Instances Involving the Discharge of Firearms

Extreme Cases

If the allegations of misconduct is extremely serious in nature, the Chief, or designate will be notified without delay. Examples of extremely serious allegations include: complaints involving criminal activity, complaints against command personnel, or complaints of excessive use of force.

Notifications will be made to the reporting party informing them of the results of the departmental investigation. If the complaint did not give an address or phone number, notification can not be made. In internal investigations involving a great amount of time, a status letter may be sent explaining the status of the investigation.