Planning Department


The Springdale Planning & Community Development Division is now at the temporary address of 206 S. Blair St. It is expected that we will be housed at that location for at least 1 year, but please stay tuned for updates. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us or call us at 479-750-8550.

10/14/2020: In the coming weeks we will be rolling out a series of process outlines that will accompany our project applications and are aimed at allowing our department to function at the highest level possible. This includes ensuring a more streamlined and efficient process that will better serve everyone from surveyors, to engineers, to the Springdale Planning Department, to the applicants/property owners. You can find the updated Plat Application and Processes document HERE.

Click here for the live stream of our Planning Commission meeting! (The first Tuesday of every month at 5pm)
Click here to access the City of Springdale interactive zoning map.

Arkansas Opportunity Zones

Planning Related Code of Ordinance Chapters

Chapter 56 Landscaping
Chapter 90 Planning
Chapter 112 Subdivisions
Chapter 130 Zoning

Master Street Plan

Comprehensive Land Use Plan

overall DSMP