Public Education & Outreach

Public education and outreach is one of the measures by which the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) judges the effectiveness of a municipality's stormwater program. The City of Springdale partners with the University of Arkansas to aide us in the public outreach and education required by our MS4 permit. Details regarding our outreach efforts can be found on this page as well as in the annual reports to ADEQ found on the SWMP/Annual Reports page.

If a citizen witnesses a violation, we strongly encourage you to contact the Engineering Department at 750-8105 or report an issue through this website.

Illicit Discharge

Per Chapter 107.2.A, illicit discharges or connections to the stormwater system are illegal. If you see anyone dumping items into storm drains, please call the Engineering Department at 750-8105, or report an issue online.