Signs & Markings

Yield sign
Pedestrian crossing sign
Stop sign
Signs and Markings, a division of Springdale Public Works, is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all regulatory, warning, and informational signs such as:
  • Crosswalk
  • Speed Limit
  • Stop
  • Street Markers
  • Yield
Signs and Markings also maintains all other signs inside the city limits not located on a state highway.

Pavement Markings

We install and maintain pavement markings, painted or thermoplastic, throughout Springdale, except on state highways. Such as crosswalks, edge lines, double yellow lines, and turn lanes.

School Zones

We develop and maintain safe school zones for our city's 23 public schools, work with the principals on traffic control around the school and trim tree limbs that interfere with the school buses traveling on city streets.

Brush Control

We handle brush control around our signs, hanging too low over the streets or sidewalks, or any brush or tree limbs that obstruct the view of drivers in our city.

Additional Duties

Finally we perform any other duties requested of us by other departments when the need arises. I.e. traffic control in emergency situations.