Mosquito Control


The City of Springdale Public Works Department will pretreat for mosquitos. Our department generally begins any fogging around 6 p.m.  


Preferred Time

It is best that we spray in the evenings so that the wind has usually died down and the mist we spray stays more in the general area instead of blowing the particles so fast and so far apart that they have no effect on the treated area. We will not spray during strong winds or rain because it makes spraying ineffective. 


How to Prevent

 Here are some easy steps we can all take to prevent mosquito breeding zones.

  • Don't let water go stagnant. Mosquitos need still stagnant water to lay their eggs.
  • Dump out any water buckets, Kiddie pools, bird baths or any other water collecting receptors.
  • Don't allow bird bath water to sit for long periods of time.
  • Pick up any Tires or trash, even the smallest amount of still water can be a breeding source .

Additional Information

If you would like more specific information on the product that we spray for mosquito control, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet Mosquito Fogging Information (PDF) or visit the Environmental Science of the United States website.