Planning Commission

PlanningIt is the policy of the Planning Commission to review plats of proposed subdivision developments and site plans for proposed new construction for conformity to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Master Street Plan and Master Trail Plan, zoning regulations, subdivision regulation and design standards. These reviews are done in context of existing land use and development, population and traffic distribution, and the needs and best interest of the City of Springdale.

The mission of the Springdale Planning Commission is:

  • To promote the public health, safety, order, convenience, prosperity and general welfare of the citizens of Springdale.
  • To promote orderly growth and development through the dissemination of information, preparation of plans and program, and implementation of the policies and directives of the Springdale City Council.
  • To secure safety from fire, flood, and other dangers, prevent overcrowding, undue congestion and to provide healthful and convenient distribution of population.
  • To enhance the character and economic stability and encourage orderly and beneficial development for the citizens of Springdale.
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Name Contact Position Term Expiration
Ray Cardiel Email Seat 4 1/31/2025
Mark Cloud Email Seat 2 1/31/2026
Gary Compton Email Seat 3 1/31/2025
James Robert David Email Seat 1 1/31/2026
Roy Covert Email Seat 5 1/31/2023
Shannon Mueller Email Seat 6, Vice Chairman 1/31/2023
Payton Parker Email Seat 7, Secretary 1/31/2024
Howard Austin Email Seat 8 1/31/2023
Dale Tyler Email Seat 9, Chairman 1/31/2025