Property & Evidence


The Springdale Police Department Property & Evidence is responsible for all items seized or recovered by our officers & detectives. This can range from lost property such as a wallet or identification, to criminal evidence in high-profile cases. They also work closely with the State Crime Lab in Little Rock for processing of Evidence for investigative purposes and eventual court trials.


 Please fill out the Property Release Request Online or Download a .pdf version and return it to the Springdale Police Department.  You may return it to the front desk at the police station, email it to or mail it to:

Springdale Police Department

Attn: Property and Evidence

201 Spring Street

Springdale, AR 72765

A Property and Evidence employee will contact you when the property is ready to release and arrange a time for you to pick up the property or to gather any additional information that may be needed in order to process your request. 


 Photo identification (such as a valid driver's license, passport, military ID) is required for the release of all items.  Proof of ownership may also be required.  A court disposition or authorization by the prosecuting attorney's office and/or lead detective may be required as well.


 Please call the Property and Evidence department to verify the firearm's eligibility for release.  The lawful owner of the firearm must provide valid photo identification, proof of ownership, complete the Springdale Police Department Weapons Release form and be subject to a criminal background check before any firearm will be released.  Firearms will be released by appointment only.

 Weapons cannot be returned if any of the following apply:

  1. You are a convicted felon
  2. You have outstanding arrest warrants
  3. You have a misdemeanor or felony domestic violence conviction
  4. You are the subject of an Order of Protection

Other facts or circumstances may disqualify you from having a weapon returned to you.  If you have any questions, please contact Property and Evidence.   

 All property returns are subject to law and case status before release.  Property not claimed within 60 days is subject to disposal.  

Police Auctions

The Springdale Police Department takes in hundreds of articles of lost, recovered, or abandoned property each year, and makes a concerted effort to try and locate and notify the owners so these items can be returned. Those pieces that are left unclaimed for longer than sixty (60) days, however, are subject to routine purge.

As allowed by Arkansas law, some abandoned items are placed for sale via online public auction. The Springdale Police Department utilizes the services of for such sales, the industry leader in the disposal of forfeited assets. Items from this and other police agencies are available for viewing and bidding 24/7 at their website: propertyroom.comAs required by law, advance public notice of these sales is given by means of signage in City Hall and via print and web publication.

If you believe you are the owner of an unclaimed item or have any questions about the auction, please contact the SPD Evidence Technicians at 479.756.8200 between the hours of 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, with the exception of federal holidays.