Street Improvement Bonds

The City of Springdale will be building and improving roads around the city as part of the 2018 Bond Program. We appreciate your patience as we work to improve our infrastructure, and we ask you to please use caution as you drive through construction zones.

Watkins construction
  1. Ryan Carr

    Deputy Director of Engineering Operations

  2. John Easterling

    Special Projects Administrator


Below is a list of current road projects underway in Springdale. Additional projects may be added as plans progress. You can sign up through Notify Me to receive alerts related to these projects.

Project DescriptionStatus
Gene George Boulevard
1 This project is an extension of Gene George Boulevard (4 lanes) from Bleaux Avenue to Elm Springs Road. This project will also include a five-lane connection of Elm Springs Road from Gene George Boulevard to Oak Grove Road.  The project includes sidewalk and a 10 foot sidepath as well as two roundabouts at the intersections of Har-Ber Avenue and Elm Springs Road.  Total approximate length: 1.2 miles
Maple Avenue
2Maple Avenue will be extended with two lanes from Holcomb Street, across the railroad tracks to Park Street. This project also includes sidewalk and a 10 foot sidepath. Total approximate length: 0.4 miles
Huntsville Avenue Overlay
3Huntsville Avenue received a mill and overlay to improve the quality of the road from Thompson Street to Elm Springs Road at the I-49 Interchange. This project included adding an additional center turn lane throughout the length of the project.  Total approximate length: 2.35 miles
40th Street
4This project includes widening 40th Street as a three-lane road with a center turn lane from Falcon Road north to the Spring Creek bridge.  This project will aslo include sidewalk and a 12 foot sidepath with mid-block pedestrian refuge islands.  Total approximate length: 1.1 miles
Utility Relocation
64th Street
5Phase 1 of this project will improve 64th Street from Highway 412 to Watkins Avenue as a four-lane boulevard with a median. Phase 2 will improve 64th Street from Waktins Avenue to Dearing Road as a four-lane boulevard with a median.  Both phases will include sidewalk, landscaped medians, a 12 foot sidepath, and mid-block crossings.  Total approximate length: 1 mile (Phase 1), 0.45 miles (Phase 2)Under Construction
Ford Avenue Extension to Butterflield Coach 
6This project will extend Ford Avenue from the current end of road to Butterfield Coach Road as a three-lane road with a center turn lane.  Turnbow Avenue will also be tied in to the extension.  This project includes sidewalk and a 12 foot sidepath, with a pedestrian refuge island at the Dean's Trail crossing.  A separate project to include a signal at Ford Avenue and Butterfield Coach Road has been designed.  Total approximate length: 0.65 miles
Under Construction
Watkins Avenue
7This project improves Watkins Avenue from Arvest Ballpark to 64th St. as a four-lane boulevard.  This project also includes sidewalk and a 10 foot side path.  Total approximate length: 0.25 miles
Streets at Shaw Park
8 This is a project to improve Ball Road, County Line Road, and Downum Road, which border the location of the future Shaw Family Park.  Ball Road will be widened to three lanes, with a center turn lane, from County Line Road to W Downum Road.  County Line Road will be widened to three lanes, with a center turn lane, from the southeast corner of the park to Ball Road.  Downum Road will have curb and gutter improvements from S Miller Road to the northeast corner of the park.  Total approximate length: 1 mile
48th Street Extension to Bob Mills
9This is a project to extend N. 48th Street from the current end of road to Bob Mills Road as a three-lane road with a center turn lane.  This project will include sidewalk and a 12 foot sidepath.  Total approximate length: 0.2 miles
Spring Street
10This project will improve Spring Street, from Huntsville Avenue to Johnson Avenue, as a two lane boulevard with a median.  This project will also include off street parking, 8 foot sidewalks, and a textured crossing and greenway connection to the new municipal campus.  Total approximate length: 0.1 miles
Under Construction
56th Street South, Phase I
 11The overall 56th Street South project includes extending Gene George Boulevard from the existing roundabout at Don Tyson Parkway south to Johnson Mill Boulevard in the City of Johnson. Phase I will focus on the extension from the existing roundabout to approximately 0.35 miles south. This street will be constructed as a four lane boulevard with two lanes each direction, a central landscaped median, sidewalk, and a 10 foot sidepath.  Phase 2 will incorporate the same amenities while providing a roundabout connection to New Hope Road (approximately 0.45 miles of boulevard and 0.25 miles of New Hope extension), and Phase 3 will have the same amenities with a connection to Johnson Mill Boulevard (approximately 0.4 miles of boulevard).
Under Construction
Har-Ber Avenue
 12This project includes extending Har-Ber Avenue from 48th Street to Gutensohn Road. The east end of the proposed street will be at the west end of existing West Emma Avenue at the intersection with Gutensohn Road, and the west end of the street extension will be at the intersection of 48th Street and Har-Ber Avenue. The project will include a bridge across I-49, three lanes with a center turn lane (two lanes across the birdge), sidewalk, a 12 foot sidepath, and traffic signals at 48th Street, 40th Street, and Gutensohn Road.  Total approximate length: 1.25 miles
Utility Relocation
Park/Emma & Park/Caudle Intersections
13This project includes realigning the intersections at Emma/Berry/Park and Park/Caudle/Powell.  The Emma/Berry/Park intersection will align Berry and Park into one intersection, and the Park/Caudle/Powell intersection will be replaced with a wide, one lane roundabout.  These improvements will include extending Emma Street's textured sidewalk through the Emma/Park/Berry intersection and include a greenway crossing through the Park/Caudle/Powell roundabout.  
Under Construction
Dixieland Road
 14This project extends Dixieland Road from Apple Blossom to Wagon Wheel as a three-lane road.  This project will include sidewalk, a 12 foot sidepath with pedestrian refuge islands, and a traffic signal at the Wagon Wheel intersection.  No connection to Hiland Road is proposed at this time.  Total approximate length: 1 mile
Utility Relocation 
Watkins Avenue
15This project will include street widening of Watkins to three lanes (2 lanes across the bridge) from Gene George Boulevard to 48th Street.  This project will include sidewalk and 10 foot trail improvements with a two-span bowstring truss bridge across I-49.  Total approximate length: 0.5 miles
ROW Acquisition
Kendrick Avenue

This project will improve Kendrick Avenue with three lanes, including a center turn lane, from Old Wire Road to Highway 265.   This project will include sidewalk and a 10 foot trail.  Total approximate length: 0.45 miles

Additional Projects

At the July 24, 2018 City Council meeting, the Council authorized a change order to the project to repave Huntsville Avenue. The change order authorized the repaving of Johnson Avenue and Lakeview Drive as part of the 2018 Bond Program.

To keep up to date with City Council and City Council Committee meetings, please sign up through Notify Me to receive copies of the agendas once they become available.


The maximum aggregate principal amount of the Street Improvement Bonds is $92,710,000. This includes the cost of selling the bonds. The actual construction fund for street construction and improvements is $78,826,355.39. This amount is subject to change based on the interest earned on the investment.