Har-Ber Avenue to Emma Avenue Extension

This project includes extending West Emma Avenue from Gutensohn Road west to 48th Street. The east end of the proposed street will be at the west end of existing West Emma Avenue at the intersection with Gutensohn Road. The west end of the street extension will be at the intersection of 48th Street and Har-Ber Avenue. The project will include an overpass across I-49 but will not include an interchange.

  1. Ryan Carr

    Deputy Director of Engineering Operations


After taking into consideration feedback received from the public input meeting held on October 24, 2019, the proposed roadway alignment between 48th Street to 40th Street was re-evaluated to be relocated to the north of Brush Creek as shown on the concept drawing. The findings from this re-evaluation which are summarized below resulted in the City proceeding with the design of this new alignment.

• Elimination of a bridge required to cross Brush Creek.

• Straightened out the bridge over I-49.

• Required one additional residential structure to be purchased by the City.

• Reduced the creek channel channelization from 60-ft bottom width to 20-ft bottom width resulting in a significant reduction in environmental impacts.

• Resulted in a projected savings of approximately $1.8 million in construction costs

Phase Details Phase Est. Completion
*All Dates Subject to Change*
Design 100% Complete March 2019
Right-of-Way Acquisition 100% Complete November 2021
Utility Relocation Pending February 2022
Construction Pending May 2023