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Oct 13

Free public education opportunities from the Springdale Fire Department

Posted on October 13, 2017 at 9:23 AM by Melissa Reeves

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Note: This article is part of the Fall 2017 Springdale Newsletter. To check out the full newsletter, please click here.

Free public education opportunities from the Springdale Fire Department

Fall is upon us and the Springdale Fire Department (SFD) is already in full fall swing. There are opportunities on an almost weekly basis to connect with the SFD whether it be school functions, classes we teach, or festivals in the community. 

See below to learn more about the Springdale Fire Department’s Public Education office and check out what the SFD offers residents and what is planned for the future:

Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) – This class is a college-level, one semester course that we teach at Springdale High School as part of the Health and Occupational Safety (HOSA) program. It is offered to high school students only and is the same curriculum taught at NWACC. EMR is a prerequisite for all of Emergency Medical Services classes at a college level.

Youth Firesetter – We teach this two-evening class once per quarter in conjunction with the Washington County. Youth Fire Intervention Taskforce (YFIT) and Fire Safety Academy. This can be a court-mandated or voluntary program for any youths who display unhealthy boundaries with fire and ignition tools. The next class will be Nov. 8 and Nov. 15 evenings at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office East Annex. For more information or to sign up, please contact Captain Matt Bagely at (479) 751-4510.

Fire Extinguisher Training – On request, the SFD will meet at our station or out in the public to put on a fire extinguisher class. This is a short course lasting one to two hours and consists of both classroom and practical components. If a business or group has expired extinguishers, we can set up a hands-on experience. We also have an electronic extinguisher prop we bring that can take the place of live extinguishers.

Career Fairs – The SFD participates in numerous career fairs around our community where we share with interested citizens what the requirements are for becoming a member or the SFD team. We help set out a plan/path so people can see what is needed and how to accomplish the prerequisites for employment.

CPR – The Public Education Officer provides differing levels of CPR instruction to the community. It has been an agreement between the Community Risk Reduction Division and Training Division that certified AHA CPR/First Aid classes will only be provided to other City departments, and non-profit agencies. Non-certified classes will be provided to the general public. The non-certified class provided is the “family and friends” course through the American Heart Association and prepares the participant in “classic” CPR from a “Good Samaritan” perspective.

Bleeding Control “Stop The Bleed” – In this class, we teach the general public how to adequately stop various types of bleeds from many types of injuries. Oftentimes, this is using whatever is at your disposal in the immediate area. There is also a component where we teach the use of certain commercially manufactured devices such as tourniquets because while they are available for purchase at major retailers, they require training to be used effectively. We will also discuss how to pre-plan by building a quality BCON kit to keep in your home, vehicle, or business.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) - The CERT program is a program through FEMA that is offered in the spring. Each person who attends the class will receive a student manual, and those who complete the course will receive a CERT backpack. The goal is to share community priorities so that if a major disaster takes place in our own backyard, we as a community will know how to best work together with our emergency departments so we can all be effective.

Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (SALT) Academy – As you probably guessed, this presentation focuses on our senior citizens, though it’s open to everyone. It deals primarily with two areas: First of all, how can you make your home a safer place for those who are getting around with more difficulty and are prone to falls? Secondly, how can you best be prepared to share information with 911 dispatchers if the need arises to call for help? We teach families how to plan ahead with both data collection beforehand, but also technology that’s available to help with this process.

Fire Prevention Week – Every year during the month of October, we go into all the elementary schools and teach fire safety to the 1st-5th graders. This involves an assembly as well as a tour of our fire safety house for certain ages.

Did you know? The Springdale Fire Department offer free smoke detectors to the public that are provided as part of a grant. These are available to all those who both own their home and cannot afford a smoke detector. Renters are encouraged to notify their landlord of the need for a detector as law requires the landlord to provide these in their properties. If an individual needs help putting together a plan for how many detectors are needed and where to place them, we will help guide those decisions. We will also come to the home and install on request.

In addition to these formal classes, the SFD has programs that are available to the public in the form of assistance on request. One of these is a year-round Pre-K fire education program where we do a show-n-tell of our fire trucks and a short lesson in a classroom on what our protective gear looks like, smoke detectors noises and what to do if you hear it, and how/when to “Stop, Drop, and Roll.”

Each of the programs mentioned in this article are free to the public and dates will be announced on the Springdale Fire Department Facebook page as well as the Fire Department page on the City of Springdale website,