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Oct 17

FYI: Parking on the grass

Posted on October 17, 2017 at 9:09 AM by Melissa Reeves

Parking in the grass

FYI: Parking on the grass

Each year when the weather turns nice, more residents start parking on their front lawns. Oftentimes, because they are unclear of the rules.

Here is a quick refresher on the rules pertaining to parking on the grass in Springdale.

City ordinance 114-56 states “no parking, displaying, or storing of any motor vehicle shall be permitted on any grass surface, gravel surface, or other unpaved area in any residential zone, or in any platted subdivision zoned agricultural on lots less than one acre in size.”
However, you can park one, operable vehicle adjacent to your driveway, away from the front door (see photo) as long as the grass does not become rutted.

No inoperable vehicle is allowed on a residential property unless stored inside a building or garage.

In addition, the ordinance provides that recreational vehicles, boats, utility trailers, or trailers of any kind, may not be parked on the street in a residential district, unless it is actually being loaded, unloaded, or readied for use, but in no event longer than twenty-four (24) hours.

If you have any questions, please call Community Engagement at 756-7712. You can also check out the FAQs here.