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Jun 19

Angela Barrios & John Parnell - 2013

Posted on June 19, 2019 at 9:42 AM by Ashley Earhart

Officer John Parnell is the recipient of the 2013 City Attorney Justice Award. Officer Parnell, began his career at the Springdale Police Department in 2004.  In February, 2012, the Springdale Police Department began a warrants division at which time Officer Parnell was appointed as Warrants Officer.  In 2012, when he began as Warrants Officer, Parnell served 1,329 warrants, many of which were warrants issued by the City Attorney's Office.  Also, Officer Parnell, with the assistance of the City Attorney's Office, was instrumental in collecting outstanding fines and court costs on 135 Failure to Pay Fines and Court Costs warrants.

Angela Barrios was also given special recognition by the City Attorney's Office.  Angela has been with the Springdale Police Department since 1988, when she began as a dispatcher.  She is the ACIC Terminal Agency Coordinator for the Springdale Police Department and works alongside Officer Parnell in the Warrants Division.