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May 07

Tips for avoiding common code enforcement violations

Posted on May 7, 2018 at 3:35 PM by Melissa Reeves

Note: This article is part of the Spring/Summer 2018 Springdale Newsletter. To check out the full newsletter, please click here.

Tips for avoiding common code enforcement violations

Parking in the grass

Parking in the grassEach year when the weather turns nice, more residents start parking on their front lawns. Oftentimes, because they are unclear of the rules. 

Here is a quick refresher on the rules pertaining to parking on the grass in Springdale.
City Ordinance 114-56 states “no parking, displaying, or storing of any motor vehicle shall be permitted on any grass surface, gravel surface, or other unpaved area in any residential zone, or in any platted subdivision zoned agricultural on lots less than one acre in size.” 

However, you can park one, operable vehicle adjacent to your driveway, away from the front door (see photo) as long as the grass does not become rutted.

In addition, the ordinance provides that recreational vehicles, boats, utility trailers, or trailers of any kind, may not be parked on the street in a residential district, unless it is actually being loaded, unloaded, or readied for use, but in no event longer than 24 hours.

If you have any questions, please call Community Engagement at 756-7712.

Bulky waste

Diagram of bulky wasteIf you have large, bulky waste materials you need to get rid of, instead of leaving them on the curb, hoping a passerby will snatch it up, give the Springdale Public Works Department a call! They will collect up to eight cubic yards of bulky waste per household, twice per calendar year or up to 16 cubic yards of bulky waste per household once per calendar year.
This is a service that is paid for through your Springdale Water Utilities bill each month.

To schedule a bulky waste pickup:
  • Call Public Works at 750-8135 the week before you're ready to have your pickup.
  • Read and understand what is and is not allowed to be put out for bulky waste.
  • When you call to schedule, you will be instructed to wait until the upcoming weekend to place your items out by the curb and our bulky waste crew will come by to pick up between Monday and Friday of the following week (we are unable to schedule for a specific day).
What items can be picked up? 
  • Bulky waste items (for a combined 8 cubic yards/per pickup.)
  • Furniture
  • White goods (appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, washing machines, dryers)
  • Tires without rims (4 max. Per calendar year)
  • Tree cuttings (must be no more than 5 ft. in length) Construction materials limited to 1 cubic yard or less

Note: Tree trimmings, large branches, wood or limbs resulting from the pruning or removal of trees by tree service companies or individuals engaged in such service for hire is not defined as bulky waste. The removal of such items is the responsibility of the owner, occupant, tenant, or lessee of the property.

For more information about the bulky waste program, please visit us online at or call Public Works at 750-8135.

Tall grass and weeds

grassOne of the biggest violations we see each year during the spring and summer is tall grass and weeds. It's important to keep your grass cut and appropriately maintained to not only help Springdale look beautiful, but to also cut down on vermin that thrive in tall grass and weeds.

According to our Code of Ordinances, "weeds means any vegetation, lush or decayed, regardless of its beauty or utility and regardless of the fact that it might serve as a sanctuary for animals beneficial to man, which, because of its natural condition or lack of maintenance by the owner or occupant of the property, threatens the health or safety of the community or creates an unsightly condition thereon."

As the spring rains help the grass start to grow again, keep an eye out to make sure your lawn is in compliance and meets the standard of your neighborhood.

If you have any questions, please call Community Engagement at 756-7712.