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Jun 19

Billy Turnbough - 2008

Posted on June 19, 2019 at 9:41 AM by Ashley Earhart

Sergeant Billy Turnbough is the coordinator of the Springdale Nuisance Abatement Partnership (SNAP), which is composed of several departments within the City. In 2007, Sergeant Turnbough was instrumental in making several arrests of persons who painted graffiti on the property of Springdale citizens. The violators on these cases all received the maximum sentence of 1 year in jail on the charge of criminal mischief. Sergeant Turnbough then devised a plan to help the victims of graffiti. He was able to get several Springdale businesses to donate paint and paint brushes to the City and then he organized a clean up detail of prisoners, who went out and cleaned up the graffiti. Many of the prisoners were the persons who were guilty of painting the graffiti. Over 70 victims were able to get their properties cleaned up through this program.