How do I schedule a Bulky Waste pick up?
To Schedule a Bulky waste pick up, follow these simple steps:
- Call our office the week before you're ready to have your items picked up at 479-750-8135.
- Read and understand what is and is not allowed to be put out for Bulky waste.
- When you call to schedule, you will be instructed to wait until the upcoming weekend to place your items out by the curb and our bulky waste crew will come by to pick up between Monday and Friday of the following week (we are unable to schedule for a specific day).

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1. How do I schedule a Bulky Waste pick up?
2. What items can be picked up?
3. Are all residents able to use this service?
4. What will not be allowed?
5. How often can I schedule a pickup?
6. Am I allowed to schedule a pickup for a neighbor, family member or tenant?
7. What if I have more than the allowable amount?