What items can be picked up?
Bulky waste items include:
- Furniture, with a maximum of 4 mattress (includes mattresses and box springs) per calendar year and 2 sofas or loveseats per calendar year
- White goods (appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, washing machines, dryers) all Freon must be removed and item tagged by professional before city will pick up
- Tires without rims (4 maximum per calendar year)
- Tree cuttings (must be no more than 5 feet in length)
- Construction materials limited to 1 cubic yard or less per pick up or 2 cubic yards once per year

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1. How do I schedule a Bulky Waste pick up?
2. What items can be picked up?
3. Are all residents able to use this service?
4. What will not be allowed?
5. How often can I schedule a pickup?
6. Am I allowed to schedule a pickup for a neighbor, family member or tenant?
7. What if I have more than the allowable amount?