Why are Springdale's fire trucks yellow?

During community service events, and at almost every fire prevention program we attend, the most asked question of all is "Why are Springdale's fire trucks yellow?" Today, if you ask most anyone at Springdale Fire Department why our trucks are yellow, you'll likely get the answer "because it's a Springdale tradition." That's because we've had yellow trucks for so long. Actually, it's a longer story than just "tradition." Initial Start The first yellow Springdale fire truck was placed in service in 1972 by then Fire Chief Mickey Jackson. In the early 1960s Springdale began running white trucks, so Springdale was already different. Because safety was such a key concern in the department, we began to look at ways to make the trucks safer for the public and for the firefighters riding on them. In the early 1970s, studies were conducted among various fire related publications which revealed that red trucks were hard to see at night. White trucks were harder to see during the day, due to glare. Some departments were experimenting with yellow and lime green on their apparatus, which showed near equal effectiveness in visibility. "Chrome Yellow" In order to achieve greater visibility in both daytime and nighttime emergency driving, Chief Jackson decided to go with yellow. The actual color is "Chrome Yellow," which is similar to the color of school buses and heavy construction equipment. All of our lettering and striping is blue, except in areas decorated with gold leaf. Today, our newer apparatus features a combination of yellow and white. This feature allows even greater visibility during both daytime and nighttime emergency driving, and serves to differentiate our emergency vehicles a little more from school buses. Updates Over the past three years, Springdale Fire Department has placed in service newer apparatus and ambulances and refurbished Rescue 1. One of the new safety related features on the redesigned units is roll up compartment doors in place of swing out doors. These doors have the advantage of not creating a blind spot where emergency personnel can be hidden from the view of passing motorists on emergency scenes. Our newest "look" on Springdale Fire Department apparatus and ambulances includes a more artistic blend of Yellow, White and Blue to help make our units stand out in a bold way on the streets. This new paint scheme will be phased in over time, as new units are purchased, and the older units are retired from service. There is much talk both positive and negative about our yellow trucks. This is mainly because the fire service is so traditional. Permanent Tradition Members from surrounding departments kid around and tell us to leave the trucks outside in sun, so they'll ripen and turn red. Well, we don't know exactly how long it takes for something to qualify as a tradition, but over 30 years should be long enough. You'll be seeing the combination of Yellow, White, Silver and Blue on Springdale Fire Department apparatus for many years to come.

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