What projects have previously been completed as a result of bond programs?

Most of you voted in support of the 2012 bond authorization, and thanks to your support, we were able to:

  • Build the Don Tyson Parkway Interchange on I-49
  • Extend Don Tyson Parkway from Hylton to Habberton Road
  • Widen Don Tyson Parkway from S. 40th Street to Carley Road
  • Extend 56th Street (now named Gene George Boulevard) from Dearing Road/Don Tyson Parkway to Bleaux Avenue
  • Build the C. L. “Charlie” & Willie George Park in southeast Springdale
  • Purchase 120 acres of land for a northwest park
  • Renovate Murphy Park and buy equipment for J. B. Hunt, Tyson, Murphy, and C. L. “Charlie” & Willie George parks.
  • Replace and relocate Fire Stations Two and Three to improve functionality and response time, and purchase necessary equipment for the Fire Department, such as extrication equipment and self-contained breathing apparatuses.

Thanks to the 2004 and 2006 Bond Programs approved by Springdale voters, we were able to:

  • Build Arvest Ballpark
  • Widen and connect Huntsville Avenue
  • Widen and connect Don Tyson Parkway
  • Widen and connect Wagon Wheel Road

The building of these three major east-west corridors has increased residential and commercial developments and has helped eased traffic congestion.

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