Where do I vote?

The special election for the 2018 Bond Program is over. Here is general information regarding voting in Springdale:

You can vote at any polling place in Springdale. Both Washington and Benton county allow voters to vote at any polling place in the county. For a full list of polling places, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 750-8518. You can also contact your county election commission. For more information, please visit our voter information page.

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1. What are bonds?
2. What projects have previously been completed as a result of bond programs?
3. What was on the ballot in 2018?
4. Whom do I contact if I have questions about the bond?
5. How can I get involved?
6. What is the timeline?
7. How much will the bonds be for?
8. Will the bond issue increase taxes?
9. When was the special election?
10. Whom do I contact to get more information about voting?
11. What infrastructure projects will be included with this bond issue?
12. Who determines which projects are selected?
13. Will there be public meetings to discuss projects?
14. Where do I vote?