What are the benefits of the program?

Through Youth Council, students will:

  • Learn more about local government and our community
  • Connect with their City and elected officials and advise local leaders on issues that matter to young people
  • Serve the community and become a more conscientious resident
  • Learn who to contact if they need assistance with a City service
  • Understand how tax dollars are utilized to provide services for residents
  • Learn the connection between public and private organizations

Most importantly, Youth Council members will play an active role in helping the City address issues that affect young people in our community. This program prepares young people to become community and civic leaders and gives them the confidence to know they can make a difference.

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1. Are there GPA requirements?
2. Can my parents or guardians attend the meetings, too?
3. How are applications evaluated?
4. How do I apply for Youth Council?
5. How do I coordinate job shadowing?
6. How long does the program last?
7. How many students will be accepted into the program?
8. How much does it cost to participate?
9. If I don't get in this time, can I reapply?
10. What are the benefits of the program?
11. What are the graduation requirements for the program?
12. What is the application deadline?
13. What is the time commitment for Youth Council?
14. When will I know if I've been admitted into the program?
15. When will you start accepting applications?
16. Where do I find the bylaws?
17. Where do I find the program guide?
18. Who can apply for Youth Council?
19. Will I be doing any public speaking?
20. Will I know in advance what dates Youth Council will be meeting?