What will not be allowed?
Items not allowed include:
- Any Tree Trimmings Cut and Left by Any for Hire Service
- Bagged Yard Waste; Leaves, Gumballs, Bushes, Etc.
- Cardboard or Other Recyclables
- Free Liquids Such as Paint or Chemicals
- Garbage (Food and Kitchen Waste)
- No Trash Bags or Other Bagged Items
- Televisions or Computers

If any of these items are included in your Bulky Waste nothing will be picked up until they are removed.

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1. How do I schedule a Bulky Waste pick up?
2. What items can be picked up?
3. Are all residents able to use this service?
4. What will not be allowed?
5. How often can I schedule a pickup?
6. Am I allowed to schedule a pickup for a neighbor, family member or tenant?
7. What if I have more than the allowable amount?