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Police Records Request (FOIA)


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Arrest Reports
  3. 3. Incident Reports
  4. 4. Citations
  5. 5. Statistical Data
  6. 6. Video or Audio Request
  7. 7. Other Requests
  • Step One

    1. ****Please Note****
      *This request will only contain data maintained by the Springdale Police Department. *No other law enforcement agency's information is included. *By law, juvenile information is NOT available. *There is no intent to indicate the person for whom the check was made has any criminal conviction. *Information pertaining to guilt or innocence is available from the Court of Adjudication.
    2. Paper Report Fees
      Reports are .12 cents per page
    3. DVD or CD Fee
      DVD's or CD's are $5.00 per Video or Audio Requests
    4. Type of Information Requested
      (Please Choose One or More Request Type) (***Only Choose the Option You Need***)