GIS & Interactive Mapping

What is GIS?

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computerized system for managing large amounts of information and is capable of assembling, storing, manipulating, and displaying geographically referenced information, (e.g.) data identified according to their locations. Practitioners also consider the total GIS as including operating personnel and the data that is placed into the system. GIS technology can be used for database management, spatial analysis and modeling, scientific research, resource management, and development planning. For example, a GIS might allow emergency planners to easily calculate emergency response time in the event of a natural disaster, or, a GIS might be used to find your local schools and other government services.

Please visit Springdale Water Utilities Mapping for public water and sewer information.  For questions regarding water/sewer data please contact Springdale Water Utilities at 479-751-5751.

Welcome to Springdale 
We welcome you to our online walk through Springdale! We take you through what we have to offer you as a city. Please feel free to shoot us a suggestion for an attraction to be added.

Springdale Issue Reporter 
The Springdale Issue Reporter app allows the general public to submit NON-EMERGENCY problems (for example, blight, graffiti, trash, potholes, and flooding) in the community from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

If you have questions about using the Springdale Issue Reporter app, please contact the Issue Reporter.

The MySpringdale app allows citizens to obtain location specific information by selecting a location on the map or by entering an address into the search box.  MySpringdale displays the location of parks, government buildings, schools, hospitals, and other community facilities.  The MySpringdale app also displays location information like, zoning district, city council wards, voting precincts, state house and senate districts, FEMA flood zones, and utility company contact information.  If you have questions about using the MySpringdale app, please email the Springdale Department.

2020 Census Demographics
The U.S conducts the census every 10 years to get a headcount of everyone living within the U.S. Several factors come in to play from the data they receive once the census is completed. For instance, the population total determines how many seats it the house the states get. The census also determines the amount of funding local and state governments are allotted over the 10-year period. Springdale has seen a definite increase in population across most factors. The total population of Springdale as of 2020 is: 87,176 people. This number reflects our recent annexation of the Bethel Heights, Arkansas into Springdale. The standalone population of Bethel Heights was: 3,015 and Springdale was: 84,161. We have broken down the population per ward district and calculated the percent change from 2010 to 2020 for all 4 of our districts.   

911 Address Request Form
This application allows residents to request a new 911 address assignment using a web-based form and map. If there are any questions regarding this application, please contact the GIS Staff: email the Springdale Department or email the Issue Reporter.

Engineering Data and Information
Engineering displays data for drainage, contours, easements, utilities, and land records. This web application also allows users to view projects, scans, and information regarding floodplains. Questions about Engineering? Contact Engineering at 479-750-8150.  

Bluff Cemetery Headstone Locator
Bluff Cemetery contains over 6,400 headstone markers.  This interactive map allows users to search for a marker by name and locate it on the map.  Additionally, a photo of each headstone is provided to the user.  Questions about Bluff Cemetery? Contact the Public Works Department at 479-750-8135.  

Aeri​al Imagery
Displays aerial imagery dating from 1980 to 2023. 

Floodplain Map
The Floodplain Map is an interactive representation of the FEMA Flood Zone Designations. It shows flood zones, base flood elevations, panel numbers, as well as aerial photography. It is not intended to replace FEMA issued FIRM Maps. Please contact the Engineering Department if you have questions regarding flood zones. 

Ward Map
The Ward Map is an interactive representation of the City of Springdale Ward Boundaries. Easily find your Ward by entering your physical address in the Find My Ward box or by selecting a location on the map.  For more information regarding the Ward Map or the City Council please contact the Mayor's Office or the City Council.

Zoning Map
The Zoning Map is an interactive representation of the City of Springdale Official Zoning Map. It shows the current zoning districts, base map information, as well as aerial photography. Please contact the Planning Department if you have questions regarding Zoning Districts.

Downtown Form-Based Code 
The Downtown Form-Based Code Map shows the newly adopted Form-Based Code districts for the downtown.  Links within the map provide quick access to relevant sections of the form-based code.

Opportunity Zone Map (pdf only) 
Qualified Opportunity Zones were created by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. These zones are designed to spur economic development and job creation in distressed communities throughout the country and U.S. possessions by providing tax benefits to investors who invest eligible capital into these communities. Taxpayers may defer tax on eligible capital gains by making an appropriate investment in a Qualified Opportunity Fund and meeting other requirements. 
For FAQ regarding Opportunity Zones click here.

Truck Route
The truck route map displays all designated truck routes for the City of Springdale.