Residential Driveway Expansion & Curb Cut Permits

Quick Info:

An expanded driveway may consist of one 9' x 19' parking space plus approach and must conform to Chapter 114-56(b), including the following general requirements. These requirements will be checked by an inspector prior to approval:

  • At least 3 feet from the property line

  • Opposite the front door

  • Total paving does not exceed 40% of the front yard

  • Expansion must be of the same material as the existing driveway

  • Curb cut required if expansion cannot be accessed without driving over the


  • Click here for more detailed information: Driveway Expansion/ Curb Cut Information


  • Driveway Permit: $50

  • Curb Cut Permit: $50

  • Curb Cut Deposit: $500

Driveway Permits

To obtain a hard copy of the Driveway Expansion Permit Application, please schedule an appointment with the Engineering Department by calling 479-750-8105.