2018 Bond Program

Building Department
The Building Inspection Department issues building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, sign, moving, demolition and garage sale permits.

City Clerk's Office
The City Clerk/Treasurer is the official custodian of records for the City of Springdale.

Document Center
Check out all of the documents for the City of Springdale.

Economic Development
The City works with local organization to help support or economic development.

Take a look at information about employment at the City of Springdale.

Engineering Department
The Engineering Department provides in-house technical support to the other City departments, such as plan review for Planning Department or design support for Public Works.

Find answers to many frequently asked questions.

Floodplain Management
View local floodplain information.

Home Occupation
See information about home occupation.

Licenses & Permits
Take a look at licenses and permits that Springdale City gives out.

Stay up to date with the latest City news!

Online Mapping
View information about online mapping.

See the Springdale City Ordinances.

Take a look at the plans for downtown, trails, and the master plan for the city.

Plan Review
Take a look at information about getting a plan review.

Planning Commission
View information about the Planning Commission.

Planning Department
Take a look at information about the planning department for Springdale City.

Current construction projects underway in the City of Springdale.

Request for Bids
Check our current requests for bids in the City of Springdale.

Storm Water Management
We hope that this website will help everyone understand why the storm water program is vital to our prosperity and give citizens the knowledge they need to help us in our goal of protecting these resources.